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About Prison Art

When most people think of prison, they think of dark cells, violence, and misery. How surprising and refreshing it is, then, to find that a thriving tradition of prison art surrounds the American jail system. Prison art has a storied history that stretches back into the depths of time. Today, a number of inmates find recreation and release in the pursuit of aesthetics, with unique perspectives detailing the experience of criminality both before and after jail. There are a number of well-respected artists within the field, as well as several coalitions that strive to promote knowledge and respect for the craft. Prison art is often dark in subject matter, with varying levels of artistic skill employed by artists. Some, with clear training, document the monotony of prison life with humor and wit. Others, relying only on skills learned after entering jail, use simple and recognizable motifs to drive their narratives. You can find an impressive collection of prison art drawings, vintage prison art, and more within the large inventory on eBay. Prison art continues to grow and evolve in its own right.

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