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About Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Once you discover the vibrant rainbow of colored pencils, there is no going back to the monochrome world of graphite. The luminescence and vibrancy of Prismacolor colored pencils allows you to create artwork that is richly hued and popping off the paper as the colors play off each other. Whether your work is super-realistic, abstract, anime, or impressionistic, using the well-rounded Prismacolor colored 72-pencil set gives you the effects you are looking for with all the tones you might require. They glide smoothly on all types of art media, including pastel board, watercolor paper, toned paper, and even wood. Whether you are new to colored pencils or have worked with them for years, Prismacolor Premier colored pencil sets provide lightfast and archival quality professional renderings of your subject matter. They blend well, layer after layer, without losing color or value and fill even the deepest-toothed paper. You can also blend the colors using a colorless blender, or by applying art solvent. Reliable sellers on eBay feature Prismacolor colored pencils in sets that contain from 15 to 150 wax-based colored pencils. These allow you to experiment with all the beautiful hues and values of Prismacolor pencils using a variety of textured papers.