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About Printing Press

Now's your chance to say, "Stop the printing press" to modify hot-off-the-press content. That momentous occasion is forthcoming once you purchase an offset, screen, or other printing press from eBay?s reliable sellers. Many listings are 19th-century models that use an inked printing plate mounted on a rubber blanket to create the image on the impression cylinder. A veritable bonanza of letterpress printing presses and items are available, such as multiple wood and metal alloy printing blocks and letters, single antique letters, and other graphics ready to load into the press. Shop for a Kelsey Excelsior Mercury Model U, a bench top letterpress, lever-operated and self-inking. Other well-known favourites include A. B. Dick, Ryobi, or Little Chief offset printers that vary per model and features. You might own the only printing press on the block, but people may start dropping by asking you to crank out a story or two.

Shop the extensive inventory of antique items, including antique binding, embossing, and printing equipment!