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About Printable CD

Designed for inkjet printers supporting direct-disc printing, printable CD-R discs are available in many different capacities, including 700MB/80-minute versions. Popular inkjet printable CDs are easy to find on eBay from trusted sellers at low prices. These CDs are easy to customize with personalized graphics for unique giveaways, for use as promotional materials, and for impressive branding campaigns. Easy to use, reliable, and constructed with UV coating and high-quality dye layers, printable CD-R discs commonly support between 48x and 52x write speeds. Silver printable CDs without a stacking ring are highly sought after, as the innovative design allows the user to extend the printable area into the hub for a truly unique and eye catching look. Writeable CDs in packs of 300 to 1000 are an inexpensive way to add a professional feel to any project or campaign. Perfect for hobbyists, political campaigns, school projects, and non-profit awareness campaigns, these discs are a foolproof and efficient way to personalize any message.

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