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About Princess Leia

Between the two giant hair earmuffs straddling the head of Princess Leia sits one of the sharpest minds in the entire Star Wars crew. You first met the Princess when she was caught smuggling the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance, and you followed her as she organized Rebel fighters in defense of their movement and risked her life attempting to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Over the course of the original trilogy, Princess Leia took on many guises, displayed unflagging courage, and unleashed her acerbic wit whenever the situation called for it. It therefore wouldn't be a stretch to call the Princess one of the silver screen's great protagonists, and just as the Star Wars story would suffer from Leia's absence, so too would your collection of Star Wars figures. To ensure Princess Leia remains well represented on your shelves, you can head to eBay to gather new and pre-owned figurines, dolls, and Lego characters. You can even pick up an original 1977 Princess Leia figure in mint condition. Your Leia collectible can be on its way in just a few quick clicks, which is almost easier than using The Force.