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About Princess Diana Beanie Baby

In 1997, at the height of the Beanie Baby craze, Ty introduced the Princess Diana Beanie Baby. Many people thought the dark purple bear named "Princess" was a limited edition because the company only released a small number at first, and this created a bit of mystery surrounding the bear. However, the truth is that Ty just wanted it in stores by Christmas but had to wait for approval from the Diana, Princes of Wales Memorial Fund. Today, there are 1st edition bears from both China and Indonesia, as well as seven other editions made in both countries. Some earlier editions contain PVC pellets, while later models contain PE pellets. Another distinction between the editions that often grabs collectors' attention is the amount of spacing between the words on the bear's tag. The bear stands about 9 inches tall, has a purple ribbon around its neck to match its fur, and a white rose on its chest to memorialize the late Princess Diana. You can find a vast selection of these bears for sale on eBay. They make the perfect addition to any Beanie Baby collection.