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About Primitive Decors

When you hear the words "primitive decor," you might wonder exactly what that style of decorating entails and whether it might appeal to your rustic tastes. In its simplest form, primitive decorations are those that are old-fashioned or extremely simple. This style of decor tends to favor reused and recycled items, such as old Mason jars serving as flower planters or old, rusty garden tools functioning as primitive wall decor. Handmade or vintage textiles, such as rag throw rugs, can fit right into this theme. You can use anything that you have already, but there are also a variety of new items available that have a primitive look and feel to them. Weathered pieces made from distressed metals or handmade homespun hand towels make for great primitive kitchen decor. Really, the style is all about creating an atmosphere that makes you feel that you have walked back in time just a bit and collected some of the best items while you were there. With the vast inventory on eBay, finding the right pieces of primitive decor for your home is incredibly easy.