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About Primers

Are you jealous of those women with flawless skin that never seems to get oily, even on the warmest days? Do not be, because the truth is, they have probably learned the secret of using primer before applying their foundation. Makeup artists have long depended on primer to keep stars faces smooth and shine-free when working on movie sets. Primer helps to prepare skin for foundation by filling in wrinkles and evening skin tone. An often-overlooked part of a woman's beauty routine, using just a little bit of face primer can go a long way towards giving you that flawless look all day long. Pick up some foundation primer from the large selection on eBay and see the difference for yourself. When choosing primer, look for a formula to suit your skin type and tone. Primers with a green base help to reduce redness while pink helps to brighten your collection. Add some primer to your morning routine and walk out the door feeling confident about your skin.

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