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Pride - Factory Manufactured

About Pride - Factory Manufactured

As a groundbreaking mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, PRIDE FC set the standard that promoters try to meet today in a world of ever-changing fighter and organization alliances. The organization created compelling fighters and played a part in promoting the nascent sport into the limelight of ESPN coverage, which helped MMA to gain exposure, eventually placing the sport on its way toward supplanting boxing and professional wrestling as the world’s preeminent combative competition. Fans of MMA view this now-defunct seminal fighting organization with reverence, the type of which that leads to substantial merchandise sales. Its legacy is felt in vast inventories of equipment and apparel available to today’s fighters, as PRIDE’s stamp on MMA has created a bustling business for gloves, shirts, and headgear. Due to its intense popularity, its main competitor, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), purchased it in 2007 and integrated its tape library (not to mention some of its fighters) into its own organization, along with producing other products like video games that present realistic graphics and fighting scenarios. You can find PRIDE FC merchandise on eBay, where reliable sellers offer a wide variety of gear and clothing. There’s no better way to take “pride” in your favorite sport and to follow the standard set by PRIDE FC than by adding its merchandise and memorabilia to your collection.