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About Pressure Switches

It's a lovely Saturday afternoon, a perfect day for getting your car washed and sprucing up the outside of your home. As you fire up the air compressor to fill up your tires, you realize no air is coming out. Could it be a bad pressure switch? You open up the shell to take a gander and sure enough, the problem lies with the air compressor pressure switch. However, no need to despair, as this is an easy fix. From time to time, and especially due to heavy usage, the contacts on a pressure switch wear out. This also occurs commonly on water pumps or pressure washers that use a water pressure switch. eBay has a selection of new pressure switches to fit pressure washers, water pumps, flashlights, and furnaces. Armed with a screwdriver, you can easily change out the bad switch with a new one and be back in business. Don't crack under the pressure. Instead, take control of this simple repair and keep your air or water flowing.