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About Pressed Steel Toys

Before the 20th century, toy makers used mainly iron — yes, heavy, rust-prone iron — to construct model trains, wagons, and other toys. With the emergence of automobiles came many innovations, including the development of pressed steel, which led to the manufacture of pressed steel toys. These toys did not rust, so they have lasted much longer and remained in better condition than their iron predecessors. Model cars are among the antique pressed steel toys sought by collectors, and companies made them as both toys and as displays of their newly designed autos. Many of these cars, along with pressed steel toy trucks, tractors, and trains, remain in good condition decades later. Even if the paint has peeled a bit, pressed steel toys stay sturdy, making them perfect to collect for display or pass on to your kids and grandkids. Start or add to your collection today by choosing from the large inventory on eBay.