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About Pressed Glasses

You were too small to reach, so you stood staring up at Grandma's counter top, mesmerized not only by the sweet, colorful ribbon candies, but by the dazzling pressed glass dish in which they rested. It was so sparkly, so detailed with peaks and valleys that somehow formed an intricate pattern, and the sunlight shone right through it, illuminating the dish and the delicious treats it held. Bring home beautiful pieces just like Grandma used. Explore the huge selection of pressed glass dinnerware, serving ware, and home decor offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Store your own candy in a pressed glass bowl forged in clear glass, or in a myriad of exquisite hues like blue, green, and amber. Select genuine vintage pressed glass pieces for your home and kitchen. Choose a Federal Glass Company deviled egg plate, a Fenton pressed glass pitcher in warm amber, or a stunning L.E. Smith punch bowl pressed with a button and daisy pattern. Go ahead and click to order; you are tall enough to reach.