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About Press Passes

You may think that a press pass only applies to the credentials journalists need to gain access to an event or organization. However, Press Pass Inc. manufactures trading cards that display some of the sporting world's most popular athletes. For instance, you can buy a 2012 Press Pass card of Dale Earnhardt or a 2013 Press Pass trading card that depicts Tiger Woods pumping his fists triumphantly in the air to add to your collection. Instead of spending more than you should for one of the most durable trading cards on the market, you can go online to eBay to search for reliable sellers who offer Press Pass trading cards that span several years. As you search, you can find mint condition cards from as far back as a decade ago, or you can find card from the present day that features one of that particular year’s most prominent athletes. Additionally, these trading cards not only resist bending, but their protective cover also resists heat and moisture damage, even if you leave your most cherished card lying in the rain. Although Press Pass cards may not literally get you into the game, they can serve as a gateway into a greater appreciation of the sport of your choice.

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