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About Predator Helmet

After buying a bike, you are halfway there. Once you acquire a Predator helmet, you can look cool while burning rubber on your sports bike. The name might throw you off. It is not a brand, but a style of helmet based on the Predator from the "Predator" movie and franchise. The fictional alien species has a cult following, and you can find its image on many products. Predator motorcycle helmets are more than just an image of the alien painted on the fiberglass; you can be it. Each helmet is custom and unique with different paint colors, designs, and different variations of the alien face and mask. Some sellers on eBay make these helmets by hand, and most have DOT certification. Your options range from a Predator mask helmet, to helmets that feature a look similar to the actual face of the aliens under the mask. Some helmets feature the hair-like appendages that appear on a Predator's head. The appendages come in a multitude of colors to match the color scheme of the helmet. You can find Predator helmets from the large inventory available on eBay.