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About Precision Turbo

Your engine is powerful, but every superhero needs a sidekick — and a Precision Turbo turbocharger can be the perfect Robin to your car's Batman. These innovative components use exclusive compressor and turbine wheel technology to deliver greater efficiency and more rapid transient response to truly squeeze out as much power out of your engine as possible. Many of these models, beloved by professionals and amateurs alike, rate between 620 to 1,200 horsepower, delivering speeds that have set records. Look for popular models such as 67mm Precision Turbo as well as 76mm Precision Turbo turbochargers to find the one that works best with your engine's specs. Both feature compressor wheels forged from lightweight, durable aluminum. These units are also highly customizable and available with hydrodynamic thrust bearing systems or dual ceramic ball-bearing center housing rotating assemblies. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find the Precision Turbo equipment that can give your car just the kind of horsepower boost you have in mind, and take it to speeds you have never seen before.