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About Preamps

Mom, what is that thing? Your daughter just found out that you were a member of a band in college. As she helped you clean out the basement, she found an old preamp you used to boost the signal when you played acoustic sets in the student union. You remember those days fondly and tell her all about the Fishman guitar preamp you had for that old Fender electric. To your surprise, she finds your Epiphone guitar and the bass preamp for it behind a box of VHS tapes in the corner. You pretend not to see her rolling her eyes as you share stories of late-night jam sessions after chemistry lab on Thursday nights. You can however see the interest in her eyes when you pluck out a quick melody. She says yes when you ask whether she would like to learn how to play guitar and fortunately for you, there are many reliable sellers on eBay who have the preamp that will give you the power support you need to blow the roof off the neighborhood.

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