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About Preachers

Whatever Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were drinking while they created the Preacher series, it could not have been church wine. But then again, perhaps that is exactly what they felt irreverent enough to go to for inspiration towards the creation of the hit comic book series with a huge following. If you are a part of that following, then odds are that you are likely to be interested in the complete Preacher series, spin-offs inclusive. These are first print copies of the main series Preacher 1-66 and all of the nine specials. With all the books bagged, boarded and in great shape, you need no further urging to get yourself this amazing find. And if you only need a book or two to replace lot copies or complete your painstakingly built personal collection, you can take a good look at the Preacher graphic novel or other selections in varying degrees of very fine to near mint conditions, all offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Several convenient delivery options are also available.