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About Prayer Boxes

If you have an unspoken prayer request that means a lot to you, you can write it down and deposit your thoughts, feelings, worries, and troubles in a beautifully crafted prayer box. No matter what your religion or beliefs may be, a prayer box can be the perfect gift to share with loved ones and passed down through the generations. A sterling silver prayer box in a pendant form can be added to a necklace or charm bracelet, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. Try a hope chest, or a cross-shaped prayer box that not only displays your faith proudly, but makes a stunning accessory piece as well. Browse through the wide selection of prayer boxes available on eBay, where you may also find a magnificently painted wood prayer box, which can make a wonderful, functional display piece. By taking advantage of the trusted sellers on eBay and their reliable shipping services, you can be confident that all your selections will arrive safely and on time to suit your needs.