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About PPG Paint

Careless parking lot peers, inexperienced teenage drivers, even runaway shopping carts all have one thing in common: they have a tendency to scratch your car. Although PPG paint cannot prevent misfortune, it can at least conceal some of the damage. Since 1883, PPG Industries has perfected the art of creating paints and coatings with a specific emphasis on automotive refinishing paint. Especially popular among collision centers, PPG automotive paint comes in a variety of finishes and coating levels designed to conceal and heal everything from a minor parking lot ding to a total bumper replacement following a fender bender. The extensive selection of PPG auto paint includes not only a variety of colors matched to particular makes and models, but whole collision systems that repair the many layers of color on your car so that new panels and touched-up areas blend in seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle. By shopping on eBay, it is easy to browse through various color options and collision systems in order to find the perfect PPG paint for your needs. Do not let that ding in the door get you down. Take some time to give your car a little TLC and a new coat of PPG paint.