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About Powerglide

As a lover of classic cars, you also love to work on them in your spare time. Your latest project, which is unfortunately still up on blocks, is an old Chevy that requires a special Power glide tranny. Fixing up this old Junker is priority on your to-do list, but where is the best place to look when fixing up an old car? Salvage yards can take hours, and typically you come up empty-handed. Specially ordering parts is way too expensive, and could take weeks. Why not look to the reliable sellers on eBay for parts such as a Power glide transmission? Available for just about every make and model of Chevy, as well as the Pontiac they were designed for, you can also easily find a special Power glide shifter as well. In many different conditions, these transmissions range from used to rebuilt, and are available for shipment via a myriad of different options. Order your Power glide parts knowing that they are shipped directly and safely right to your front door.