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About Power Steering Pulley

The driver almost misses the turn due to the pouring rain, and as he jerks the wheel to the side sharply he feels the car shake as it does not respond to the turn and crashes into the curb. The power steering pump pulley controls the power steering functions in the car, and if it goes out, so too does the power steering. It is important to ensure that both the plastic pulley and the serpentine belt that runs over the pulley are in good condition. Sellers on eBay list brand new power steering pump pulley replacement parts for automobiles and boats. Since every car manufacturer uses a different pulley, it is important to purchase the type that matches the make of the vehicle, such as a Chevy power steering pulley for a Chevrolet car. Depending on where the pulley lies within the engine, it may also be necessary to purchase a handy installation tool called the power steering pulley puller that helps position the part correctly.

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