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About Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

They face down evil villains from around the galaxy, sacrificing themselves to protect Earth. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy introduced children around the world to a new group of alien-battling teens armed with special morphers, swords, and Megazords. With a Power Rangers Lost Galaxy morpher and a costume, your child can become his favorite ranger and set off on adventures of the imagination. Morphers with lights and sounds recreate the powerful devices that were the source of the Rangers' powers. The discovery of the special Quasar Sabers are what initially led the teens to become the new Power Rangers, so for a fan, a Power Rangers Lost Galaxy sword holds special meaning. Replica swords are collectible items. When fighting their most challenging opponents, the Power Rangers relied on their Megazords for help, and you can, too, with Megazord action figures. Fight a battle with each Ranger commanding his own Megazord before finally combining into one super-powerful Megazord. With a large inventory of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy toys and collectibles available on eBay, your Power Rangers fan can hold the fate of the galaxy in his own hands.