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About Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder was the fourteenth franchise series and features the evil Mesogog and his attempt to bring Earth back to the Mesozoic era. Fortunately, the Dino Thunder Rangers are here to stop him with their zords that combine to make a mighty Megazord. To summon the zords, your little Ranger will need a morpher, which also serves to morph them into costume. Before battle commences all good Rangers need a weapon, and the whole collection, including black Brachio Staff and blue Z-Rex Blaster, is on eBay. A Dino Thunder lot may contain a selection of weapons and costumes to prevent Mesogog from carrying out his evil scheme. Whoever your little Ranger?s favorite is, choose the corresponding zord for maximum battle power. A Red Ranger uses a Stegozord; Blue, a Dimetrozord; Green, a Parasaurzord; Black, a Brachiozord; and Purple, a Pachycephalozord. Combine all these to create the Thundersaurus Megazord and take on Mesogog?s gigantic minions. Join your child in reliving this classic children?s action adventure series and prevent the world from being blasted into the distant past.