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About Power Pole

The water sloshes gently against the sides of your boat as you come to a stop in your favorite fishing spot just at sunrise, and a hush falls over the morning when you kill the engine and pick up your rod. Your Power Pole slips soundlessly into the water, so you do not have to worry about drifting as you cast your line. Traditional anchors are loud and intrusive, often taking up half the real estate in a small boat. A Power Pole anchor, on the other hand, is low-profile and virtually indestructible, offering an attractive alternative in shallow water. Even when the wind picks up, the Power Pole keeps your boat in place until you are ready to move to another area of the water. Since these anchors raise and lower without any sound, you do not have to worry about spooking your underwater prey. The vast inventory of Power Pole shallow water anchors available on eBay allows you to create a custom set-up for your specific boat. You may want two or three poles for a larger vessel, while smaller boats might need only one. Since they come in a range of colors and designs, you can use them to personalize your vessel on the water.

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