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About Power Plug

You have your bags packed and your passport ready, and you are ready to start off on your European vacation. But if you are planning on using any electronics while on holiday, including your cell phone or laptop, make sure you pack the right power plug. If this is your first trip overseas, you may not realize that you need an E.U. power plug for your device. The standard two-prong U.S. power plug you are currently using does not fit in the three-prong outlets used in European countries. A good alternative to buying a new power plug for each of your electronics is to purchase one or two universal adapters that plug into European outlets and accept your U.S. power plug. If you are planning to travel internationally, make sure you visit eBay to find a variety of adapter styles offered from reliable sellers. With convenient shipping options, you are sure to find the plug that you need in the timeframe that you need it.

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