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About Power Converters

Though everyone needs electricity to power everything from coffee makers to stereo systems, devices require different amounts of electricity to operate. Electrical and mechanical engineers, along with world travelers, car owners, and so many others rely on power converters to change electricity from AC to DC, alter voltage or frequency, or a combination of all the above. Since all electronics and appliances require a specific amount of power to function—if too little is delivered, then your device won’t work; too much, and you could fry it. eBay has a wide range of power converters that will keep the electricity flowing to all your devices. Without a travel power converter, you can’t plug your US made hairdryer into the outlet at your European hotel. Just remember to buy one that’s compatible with the countries you’re visiting. If you’ve ever charged your phone in the car, you’ve depended on an AC/DC power converter to keep those calls coming. You can even rely on the sun to juice up hand held electronics with a solar powered converter. Plug in and enjoy all of your favorite appliances today.