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About Powell

Riding the half pipe on your old skateboard isn't as fun as it used to be. Your Powell skateboard is starting to show its age. As a trusty old friend through tricks, turns, and jumps, its nose and tail have seen better days. Rather than continually adding new wheels or repairing the deck, it's time to send this board to skating heaven and purchase a new one. eBay's reliable sellers offer a variety of new and slightly used Powell skateboard styles and designs. The Caballero, named after skater Steve Caballero, features dragons and bats on a wide deck with street smooth wheels. Are you a fan of Tony Hawk? A vintage or custom Hawk skateboard may be for you, with its street-smart styling and professional handling on asphalt or the vert ramp. Upgrade your deck and find out why skating professionals and amateurs alike trust the line of Powell skateboards with their life. Grind it, carve it, and do the McTwist. See what you've been missing.