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About Powder Compacts

A lovely powder compact is the ideal accessory to add a touch of glamour to your makeup application. Dainty compacts hint at the grace and old-fashioned charm associated with the glamorous women of Hollywood. Pull out a vintage powder compact to check your lipstick or apply a fine layer of powder to refresh your look, and emulate the elegant actresses of years gone by. You will find a beautiful collection of compacts on eBay, including exquisite floral designs and compacts with delicate butterfly designs. Reliable sellers offer an array of listings that include antique powder compacts made of sterling silver and compacts featuring art deco designs. With convenient 24-hour shopping, you can browse the extensive assortment at your leisure to find the ideal powder compact for your personal use or a special gift. Convenient shipping methods include home delivery options so that you can have your stunning compact delivered right to your door.