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About Pottery Barn Rugs

As Jeffrey Lebowski (or "the Dude") often expressed in the film, "The Big Lebowski," an area rug really can tie the room together. A Pottery Barn rug beautifully serves this purpose and a few more. Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of well-constructed rugs, including patterned rugs and solids. You can find many of these items on eBay, through reliable sellers, in new and used condition. Shoppers may opt for a rug made from natural fibers to complement a dark wood floor or a colorful Pottery Barn kilim rug to offset light-colored wood. These stunning flat-tapestry rugs are hand-woven by skilled artisans in many parts of Asia, including the Balkans, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The flat weave makes them much thinner than other rugs, but no less beautiful. With a full spectrum of colors and patterns available, shoppers can also find a Pottery Barn Kid's Rug, ideal for any youngster's bedroom. Offering stars, trains, flowers, and birds in bright primary colors or pastels, the sky is the limit for a child's room. Easy-click shopping makes any rug purchase smooth and stress-free.