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About Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

Although many products have ambiguous names, the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair is not one of them. This comfy kids' arm chair lives up to its moniker by being versatile enough to put in the corner of a living room, within a bedroom, or in front of the TV for a movie night. Look through the large inventory on eBay to find one of these kid-size chairs, plus helpful extras such as slipcover accessories, which can quickly change the appearance of the chair but also protect the base materials from stains and pet hair. These low-to-the-ground chairs are made to fit most preschoolers, and they have handles on the back for easy portability. Lightweight foam padding inside gives support and comfort. The cover also zips off for hassle-free maintenance, and it can be cleaned in a standard washing machine. Go with a Pottery Barn oversized Anywhere Chair if your child likes to have even more room for lounging. Some chairs have printed, colorful fabrics, and others include monogrammed details. The Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair helps kids feel special by providing a spot to relax that is just the right size for their smaller bodies.