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About Postage Stamps

The huge array of designs, shapes, sizes, and prices makes postage stamps one of the world's most diverse and fascinating collectors' items. eBay is the ideal spot to search for items for a new collection or to expand an existing collection. For anyone in the market for collectible U.S. postage stamps, eBay offers an immense assortment of official stamps featuring numerous world-famous icons, including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, U.S. presidents, Disney and Looney Tunes' characters, and more. For collectors who want more obscure, unusual stamps, the site is your source for rare postage stamps, as well. The treasured 1885 U.S. special delivery postage stamps, Irish postage stamps from the 1960s and 1970s, and vintage stamps from countries such as Bulgaria, Brazil, Romania, Italy, and Canada are all highly sought collectibles. For serious collectors and buyers, entire diverse collections of postage stamps are also for sale on the site.

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