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About Post Cereal

Whether you were burning with anticipation for it or it came as an unexpected surprise, you probably remember opening a box of Post Cereal and seeing the special prize inside fall into your bowl of Honey Comb or Fruity Pebbles. While today?s Post Cereal box prizes tend to be more along the lines of small trinkets or toys related to movies or TV shows, in earlier days, they often featured sports cards. Because they were packaged into a box full of sugar puffs or flakes that as often as not, probably took a lot of abuse on their way from the factory to store shelf to kitchen cabinet and finally to cereal bowl, it may be difficult for collectors looking for Post cereal baseball cards, like the 1962 Post Cereal Mickey Mantle card, to find them in good condition. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of these cards and others with convenient shipping options so you will not have to dig through any boxes to get your prize.

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