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About Portmeirion Pomona

Few things say elegance like a fine dinner service that makes your guests want to clean their plates. Portmeirion Pomona dinnerware, from the Portmeirion Pottery company of Great Britain, is such a pattern (more precisely, a "range" of patterns). Portmeirion Pottery was founded in 1960 by pottery designer Susan Williams-Ellis in Stoke-on-Trent (a.k.a. Stoke), renowned as the Pottery Capital of England. In 1972, Portmeirion introduced possibly its most successful line, Botanical Garden, which continues to be manufactured today. Virtually all of Portmeirion?s products are manufactured at their pottery plant in Stoke. In 2009, when Portmeiron acquired the Royal Worcester and Spode brands, they even brought most of Spode?s manufacturing from the Far East back to their own factory. Pomona is the Roman goddess of fruit, and Portmeirion Pomona features a plethora of beautiful designs depicting fruits and nuts from the orchard, such as Apricot, Teinton Squash Pear, Hoary Morning Apple, and Late Duke Cherry. Some pieces, such as canisters ringed with an assortment of different fruit designs, are designated Fruit Garland. Many of the Pomona sets also feature a mint-sprig border. For a unique collection, you can acquire retired patterns such as Wilmot?s Early Red Gooseberry from reliable sellers on eBay. Collect this beautiful dinnerware with a genuine English pedigree and set a table second to none.