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About Portmeirion Botanic Gardens

Bring the beauty of flowers from your garden inside to your table, no matter what the season, with Portmeirion Botanic Garden dinnerware. The British fine pottery maker began creating its lovely and elegant Botanic Garden patterns, based on illustrations in a 19th-century botanical and agricultural dictionary, in 1972. Portmeirion continues to put out new botanic patterns and collections. The popular and recognizable patterns appear on dishes, bowls, cake tins, kitchen canisters, and more, with a signature green leaf motif around the edges of most pieces. You can put together an entire dinnerware spread focused on your favorite flower, whether it is the daisy, sunflower, sweet pea, fuchsia, iris, or poppy. Alternatively, you may want to have a few tea sets, with teapots and matching teacups in several different flower motifs. You can also find an endless variety of floral-themed gifts for the botany and plant lovers in your life, as the Portmeirion Botanic Garden designs include numerous gift-worthy jugs, vases, and wine glass sets. Find all the Portmeirion floral-themed pottery and dishware you need or want when you choose from the vast inventory available on eBay.