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About Portal Gun

Just in from the good people over at Aperture Science — the portal gun is the perfect less-lethal complement to any gaming enthusiast's home arsenal. The bad news is that it is only a replica, for now. The good news is the fact that, though it may not be able to bend the fabric of time and space the same way it did in when used in "Portal" and "Portal 2," you do not need to use it to navigate through high-tech laboratories of dubious origin as you did in the games. Whether you view your portal gun as a toy or as a training device for the not-too-distant future, the solid construction and faithful recreation of its in-game appearance make it perfect for completing your Chell costume or displaying alongside other video game memorabilia, such as a Companion Cube. GLaDOS would certainly be proud. Though a portal gun may be the quickest way to move items from one place to another, the convenient shipping options offered when shopping on eBay are a close second.