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About Portable Heaters

Don't be left out in the cold! Adding a small portable heater to your room means that you stay warm without having the big furnace running all the time. It is an ideal solution for adding heat in the bathroom. Face it, when you get out of the tub you want and need a little extra warmth. A portable gas heater in the garage means the man of the house can retreat to his workspace during the winter and still be warm. Reliable sellers on eBay offer not only portable electric heaters, but also propane, gas, and kerosene heaters in various sizes and heat settings. Remember that when using a portable heater, safety is important. Plug the cord directly into the wall outlet, never use an extension cord, never leave the heater unattended, and always allow at least three feet of open space completely around the device. By following a few simple rules, you can safely stay warm in any room all winter long.