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About Portable Electric Heater

Sweat pants, fuzzy socks, and a warm blanket is no way to spend the winter in your home. With a portable electric heater, you can shed the extra layer of clothing and enjoy your home, even during the colder months. A portable Holmes electric heater offers cool features, such as twin oscillating fans, bathroom-safe plugs, and timers. The timer allows you to set the portable electric heater to turn on at a specific time, so the house is warm when you get home or have it shut off, so it does not run all night. A portable Lasko electric heater offers similar features as other top brand portable electric heater options, including mountable units to save on space and power saving settings. The vast inventory found on eBay makes it simple to find an electric heater that offers the wattage and the features you need to keep your room, office, or entire home warm this winter. The best feature of the compact electric heater is its portability, so it can be moved where it is needed without breaking your back.