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About Porsche Sunglasses

In a swift and unprecedented move that proved wildly successful, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of famed Porsche auto company founder, launched the Porsche Design Studio. The line offers luxury clothing, luggage, model cars, and Porsche sunglasses inspired by the iconic sports car. Consumers in the Studio's native Germany, and across the world snatched up Porsche gear, proudly displaying affection for the brand. In the 1980s, Porsche Design sunglasses defined American sunglasses fashion. These shades feature wide oval lenses and thin wire rims. Some glasses contain single sets of lenses, while others, like models 5631, 5632, and 5633 feature multiple lenses. These models contain yellow, orange, and red lenses, letting users swap shades for ultimate visibility throughout the day. As with other glasses, Porsche sunglasses tailor easily for a custom fit. Adjusting the noseband and arms ensures precision fitting for your dimensions. For a vintage look, consider the Porsche Carrera Sunglasses. These glasses feature large, gold-trimmed round lenses and folding arms for convenient storage. For sleeker and equally stylish shades, explore Porsche's inventory from the 1990s. For a timeless look, put on a pair of the iconic aviator lenses with lightweight frames and discrete rims. Browse the vast inventory for these items on eBay and find the fit that matches your style. With a new pair, you can flaunt your Porsche pride wherever you go.