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About Porsche Carrera Sunglasses

The luxury Porsche Carrera sports car's sleek design lets it hug the highway, and Porsche Carrera sunglasses give you the same high-performance look. The shades inspired by the sports car come in several designs, with the most popular being the ultra-cool aviator style. Porsche Carrera folding sunglasses come in a small, round leather case so you can fold them and carry them in your pocket or purse until you step out into the sunshine. You can also choose Porsche design Carrera sunglasses in a high-tech, futuristic wraparound style. Round-framed vintage Porsche Carrera sunglasses from the early 1980s are a rare and funky find. The shades come with black, brown, gray, and even pink-tinted lenses, with frames in gold, silver, black, or multicolored metal. Even if you do not have your own sports car, you can show your love of racing and need for speed, along with your stylish fashion sense, when you wear Porsche sunglasses. Find one or several pairs when you choose from the large inventory available on eBay.