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About Porsche 996

As a Porsche enthusiast, you enjoy learning about the evolution of the vehicles, especially the Porsche 911. Between 1998 and 2005, the Porsche 996 led the 911 family. Moving away from traditional air-cooled engines, you can see the leap forward to water-cooled engines. As a result, you have a sports car that hums as you speed down the open roads. The Porsche 996 headlights stray from the trademark round shape and opt for an oval shape to show just how different the 996 is from the rest of the cars in the 911 line. The interior of the car exudes luxury and sophistication with optional leather interiors, electronic controls, and ergonomic design. The Porsche 996 seats wrap you in comfort as you maneuver down the road with speed and precision. If any of these components are not as ideal as they once were, from those oval headlights to the wrapped seats, find the 996 parts you need to make repairs and upgrades from an immense inventory on eBay. With custom rims, spoilers, exhaust systems, and even gearshifts available, you can make sure every part on your Porsche 996 works to the level of perfection that your car deserves.

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