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About Porsche 924

When you see the fold-in lights, the grill-less nose, that signature wedge shape – you can instantly recognize features of one of the most classic Porsche models ever created. The Porsche 924 was an innovative model in Porsche's rich history, being the first ever Porsche car to have a front-mounted engine and a fully automatic transmission. There are very few differences between the year versions during its production history, particularly for the non-turbo options. A turbo version of the Porsche 924 was produced, however, when manufacturers realized that the non-turbo did not have ample acceleration capacity, being able to reach only 95 to 110 horsepower. It should be noted, however, that if you buy a refurbished 924, the previous owners may have made modifications to the engine to enhance the output. The turbo models go back as early as the 1978 models, and they can vary widely from year to year. Original versions of the turbo models have a 2.0-liter I4 engine with a compression ratio at 7.5:1. Utilizing a KKK K-26 turbocharger kit, this gives the car a hefty 10 psi boost, amplifying the output to a sizable 170 horsepower. This makes the turbo versions surprisingly powerful, being akin to the 911 SC, which can reach 180 horsepower. There are also Carrera GT versions of the 924 to check out as well, so searching through a vast inventory on eBay is a smart way to browse through all kinds of 924s.

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