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About Pork Pie Hat

Whether your biggest hero is Walter White or Buster Keaton, the pork pie hat delivers a style statement in a big way. The original design, now worn by both men and women, was considered only a woman's hat during the Victorian era and was decorated with ribbons, bows, and feathers. The hat became popular with men during the Depression, after Buster Keaton made his own and wore it in his films. The slight depression in the crown gives these hats their name, after the slightly sunken crust of a traditional British meat pie. The narrow brim of the vintage pork pie hat is often called a "stingy brim." These hats are versatile accessories that lend themselves to customization and decoration. A black leather pork pie hat looks great with a silver and turquoise band for a Southwestern look. For a bit of Eastern flair, add a silk ribbed band and feather. For a Steampunk look, a band of copper chain and cogwheels completes the outfit. Find pork pie hats, fedoras, and top hats on eBay, with a large selection of toppers for any occasion.