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About Poppy Parker

Fashion dolls are not just for little girls, especially when that doll is Poppy Parker. This collectible fashion doll attracts adult collectors by the thousands, leaving clubs and conventions in her wake. Fans devote themselves to Poppy Parker thanks to the quality of her design and her unique backstory, which includes adventures in the big city during the exciting days of the 1960s. A true Poppy Parker comes with quality manufacturing touches such as custom sculpts, molded eyelash ridges, and articulated wrists and ankles. Fans of the line can also find dolls in 12-inch and 16-inch designs. Collectors seek out dressed Poppy Parker dolls, limited editions, and extra outfits and accessories such as Poppy Parker shoes. Always smart and stylish, Poppy's clothes are as fashion forward as anything you would expect to see on such a young and hip woman. To get a mint condition find for your doll collection, look for Poppy Parker NRFB items, also known as "never removed from the box." An entire world of Poppy Parker dolls and accessories are available to you in the large inventory on eBay.