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About Popin Cookin

If you are a fan of candy from foreign countries and have never heard of Popin Cookin, you are definitely missing out. Popin Cookin creates fun and tasty kits that contain everything you need to create your own candy. Each one of the Popin Cookin sets comes with nearly everything you need to create your candy — all you have to do is add water. Some of the Popin Cookin sets are designed to resemble and taste like specific foods, such as hamburgers, while others are candies that you mold into specific shapes. To create your do-it-yourself candy, you simply follow the directions in the kit, which consists mainly of mixing different packets with different amounts of water and then pouring the liquid into a mold. You can find a variety of Popin Cookin sets through the reliable sellers on eBay and, with plenty of convenient shipping options, you can be making your own Popin Cookin miniature food in no time. Keep in mind that most of these kits are small so you may want to purchase more than one.