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About Pontil

Like many fine crafts of yesteryear, hand-blown glass has become a valued rarity. One way to tell a piece has been hand blown is to find the pontil mark indicating where it was broken off upon completion. The absence of a pontil area tells you that the piece was made with a mold or mass produced. If you have an antique bottle with a milky, translucent appearance and you can see bubbles throughout the glass, look for a smudgy "scar" on the bottom, which is the pontil. Some glass makers obliterated the scar by grinding it out, and others covered it with a blob of glass or iron. They then impressed the makers' mark on the blob, flattening it. Part of the beauty and uniqueness of hand-blown glass comes from the irregularities within the pieces and in the details, such as the maker's marks and pontil scars. Many very old glass bottles and flasks, often made to hold whiskey, snuff, and other necessities of times gone by, come in shades of green, blue, and bronze. Incorporate beautiful hand-blown glass pieces into your decor when you choose from the large inventory available on eBay.