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About Pontiac Sunfire

With its flashy name, the Pontiac Sunfire sounds like a high-tech ride for a superhero. However, this car was actually Pontiac's answer to the affordable compact car market in the mid 90s. That being said, it had impressive reliability and dashing looks. With engine capacities ranging from 2.2 L to 2.4 L, this small car packs a punch and is nimble on the road. It also gets passengers where they want to go with very little hassle thanks to being easy to drive. If you're looking for a good second car, visit eBay and get a used 1997 Pontiac Sunfire or even a year 2005 model. Being a domestic car, parts for it are aplenty in the market and you can find anything from Pontiac Sunfire rims to headlights. With its sharp, two-door design, it's easy to mistake the Sunfire with a performance car, especially if it's the convertible model. You don't have to forego reliability for style and power. Get them all in a Pontiac Sunfire.