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About Ponchos

Yet another example of a piece of clothing that made a comeback in the fashion world, the poncho was big in the 60s and 70s and has re-entered everyday styles?and not just for weather emergencies. The rain poncho has long been a staple for campers, as it provides full coverage from the rain and wind. Rain ponchos are usually made of vinyl, are available for men or women, and include a built-in hood and often sleeves. For a more fashion-forward look, find a wool poncho. You can find one made of real alpaca wool and still have the wide variety of colors to choose from: proudly bear rainbow stripes, white-and-green stripes, solid brown, black, white, green, blue?the colors and combinations are just about endless. Ponchos, especially colorful ones, are best worn with jeans or skirts, and are ideal for winter and fall wear. Find a new or gently used poncho on eBay, and keep yourself warm and in style.