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About Polo Perfumes

Hints of pineapple, lemon, and tangerine, as well as a musk and sandalwood undertone, are all a part of your favorite Polo perfume from Ralph Lauren. The cobalt blue bottle with the barbell-shaped lid makes it easy to recognize the Polo Sport perfume that has been on your dresser since 1993. The fragrance is fresh, fruity, but still masculine, with rosewood and seaweed notes throughout. The vast inventory of Ralph Lauren fragrances found on eBay make it easy to find the perfect scent, for both men and women. If you are considering a change, Polo Green perfume has been around since 1978, but with subtle changes to the scent, it is modernized for active men today. The top notes of basil, pine, lavender, and cumin work well with the amber, musk, and cedar base. There is a hint of jasmine, thyme, and even rose in the Green scent for men, and as with all other Ralph Lauren Polo perfumes, the scent lingers pleasantly for hours of long lasting wear, even during high level activities.