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About Polo Dresses

When it comes to a casual warm weather look, most men's go-to outfit includes some type of polo shirt. The female equivalent of that look, the polo dress, has the potential to be just as diverse and stylish while remaining comfortable and casual. Generally a fitted, longer version of the classic male shirt, it is common to find that some of the same classic designers offer a palette of dresses that mimic their male lines. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polo dresses are perhaps the epitome of this style, though other names such as J. Crew offer more affordable alternatives. Like men's polos, it is easy to find a variety of colors and styles, including solid and striped polo dresses made of 100 percent breathable cotton fabric. When you shop from sellers on eBay, you can explore different polo dress styles, designers, and attire for women, and then select a matching male version for the man in your life. The causal, preppy look that so many men turn to is not theirs alone. Casual, versatile, and feminine, turning the classic polo into a dress makes it a go-to style for women as well.