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About Polo Black

Devoted Ralph Lauren customers flock to department and specialty clothing stores to make fashion statements, but they often leave with a bottle or two of Polo Black in their shopping bags. This popular cologne combines the unique scents emanating from iced mango, silver armoise, and patchouli noir, and men can confidently mingle among party guests while wearing a hint of tropical fruit interspersed with defined spice and musk notes. Although most colognes come and go without fanfare, Polo Black cologne by Ralph Lauren has been a mainstay in men's bathroom cabinets since 2005. You can find unused bottle of Ralph Lauren Polo Black on eBay, where some reliable sellers offer the cologne in its original package. Polo Black cologne also comes in a highly durable bottle that incorporates heat and impact resistant materials, so if you accidentally knock the bottle off a bathroom sink, the resultant crash on the tile floor should not even produce a scratch on the bottle. The materials used to construct the cologne bottle also ensure that the cologne retains its original scent, so you can be sure that your cologne will help you make a statement at this weekend’s party or on your date with the neighbor across the hall.